Change Description
New Features
  • Added the Homeownership Counseling Disclosure feature to help you comply with the new HOEPA rules for Disclosure and Management of Home Ownership Counseling. The HOEPA Homeownership Counseling screen was added which has a link to the CFPB Homeownership Counselor’s site, "Find a Housing Counselor" search tool and list generator. The screen also contains an input field to add contact information for numerous counseling organizations. This feature also includes forms for all scenarios including High-Cost, Non-High-Cost, First Time Borrower, the Counseling list, Receipt Acknowledgment, and Acknowledgment of Counseling Certification.
  • Added the Social Security Number Verification screen which is used to complete the SSA-89 form. This screen is accessible from the Forms dropdown list and the Navigation panel.
  • Added two EIN fields on the Request for Tax Returns screen for entering the Employer Identification Number.
  • Updated Form 4506
  • Updated Form 4506 T
  • Updated Form W-9
  • Added the Income and Debt Worksheet to address investor and lender requirements for analysis and documentation of criteria to determine the borrower’s ability to repay.
Services and Interfaces
  • Fixed the QM report to display the full Calyx PointCentral username.
  • Corrected Subordinate Lien amount exports for a loan with a new second lien.
  • Added the QM Finding and the QM Date and Time fields to the Borrower Information screen.
  • Removed the Request Hazard Insurance Quote button.
  • Enabled the export of the Fannie Mae ULDD UPB amount to eliminate errors during export.
  • Updated Title/Escrow interface Order ID field to enable editing and overwriting.
  • Changed the Comparable Par Rate field label on the Fees Worksheet, Section 2—Your Credit or Charge to Starting Adjusted Rate.
  • Added the Discount/Rebate for Starting Rate field to the Fees Worksheet, Section 2—Your Credit or Charge.
General Updates
  • Changed the MI Factor field label on the Banker > Fees & Impounds screen to PMI/MIP/VA/USDA.
  • Changed the APR calculation on the Truth-In-Lending screen to show a negative value when the credit entered on the Fees Worksheet is greater than the Prepaid Finance Charges.
  • Updated the FHA/VA Addendum URLA HUD 92900 screen.
  • Fixed the VA form 26-1820 Certification of Loan Disbursement print alignment issue.
  • Removed 38 retired ARM plans from the ARM Plan # dropdown list on the Fannie Mae Addendum.
  • Configured the Closed status entry to be the last item on the Track: Status and Checklist screen in the Loan Progress section list.
  • Added an E-Mail field on the Loan Application, page 4, to enter the loan originator email address.
  • Added the Refundable Type dropdown list to the PMI/MIP/FF/USDA mortgage insurance dialog box (copied from the eLoanFile > Additional Loan Data screen > Mortgage Insurance Section).
  • Changed the Include Compensation from Rebate field label on the Fees Worksheet, Section 1—Bottom of Adjusted Origination Charges to Include Lender-Paid Compensation to Broker.

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