Calyx Software November 2013

QM Findings Report — Found Right Inside Point®

One of the top focal points in the industry today revolves around compliance — and in particular — how to meet the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) individual requirements for Qualified Mortgage.

As most of you know, QM compliance will be mandatory beginning in January, yet there remains a lot of uncertainty regarding the new rules.

In Calyx’s ongoing effort to remain proactive, we recently scheduled and held several webinars that centered on QM compliance and literally thousands of you attended the sessions to learn more about this subject.

We’ve placed a QM button right inside the latest version of Point that can provide QM loan determinations in seconds—thus removing a lot of guesswork.

The QM Findings Report that is generated pulls data directly from your loan and a comprehensive report – with QM messaging specific to that particular loan – is returned so you will have the retainable evidence you’ll need beginning next year.

Helping you stay a step ahead of QM compliance is another way Calyx is working to provide you with added value and the tools you will need to succeed. For us, it’s a priority.


Appraisals: Get Quality Appraisals Inside Point

Equifax offers a wide range of property valuation solutions that helps you better monitor and reduce your mortgage risk throughout the lifecycle of a mortgage loan. We begin with non-traditional data, unique segmentation and proprietary models and informative transparency. The result is one of the most accurate automated valuation models (AVMs) on the market, AVM Insight™ – which is now integrated into Calyx Software’s Point software.

AVM Insight enables users to view the underlying data that support an estimated value, thereby providing a more transparent solution. AVM Insight’s patent-pending algorithm segments the U.S. real estate market into more than 50,000 homogeneous neighborhood areas, which enables AVM Insight users to quickly evaluate subject property conformity and the potential for collateral valuation inaccuracy and/or fraud. >>More>>

Access Equifax's AVM Insight directly through Point


One Stop Shop

The recent integration of the Wolters Kluwer Financial Services (WKFS) and Calyx Software continues to build momentum among banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers and brokers. This association provides individuals an expedited option for compliant, timely and accurate flood determinations.

Wolters Kluwer Financial Services and Calyx are committed to providing a superior customer experience. We understand the need to stay abreast of an ever-changing regulatory environment and the desire for a flexible, simplified and seamless integration. To assist, WKFS developed affordable solutions designed to help mitigate risk and ensure compliance with new/enhanced flood regulatory guidance. >>More>>

Access Wolter Kluwer Financial Services directly through Point

What’s in a Name Change? A lot!

Calyx Software is migrating its WebCaster product from an “A-record” to a “CNAME record” to allow for greater flexibility. This changes requires action from WebCaster clients who use their own external domain name. This update must be completed to maintain the visibility of your site.

If you are unsure of your set up or need instructions, feel free to contact WebCaster Support at 800.342.2599 option 3 or email

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    New Service Providers in Point

    This October Calyx welcomed three new vendors to Point.

    In the Services Menu:

    • Equifax under AVM Report
    • American Flood Research under Flood Certification

    In the Interfaces Menu:

    • Valutrust Solution under Title/Escrow

    This update applies only to users of Point 7.2 and higher who opened Point while connected to the Internet on or after October 2. The interface installation is automatic. Take a moment to check out the newest providers in Point.

    Calyx Events

    QuestSoft Compliance Conference
    November 12-13, 2013
    Hyatt Regency
    Newport Beach, CA

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