LE & CD Execution Series W1: Fees Worksheet

Knowledge Base (KB) Articles
2303 Completing the Fees Worksheet
1503 Creating a default set of fees (Closing Cost Scenarios)
2103 Entering Payoffs and Adjustments on the Loan Estimate
2305 Transferring Fees from the Fees Worksheet to the HUD-1
6641 Enabling the discount and credit fields in section 2 of the Fees Worksheet
2306 Fees paid by Lender, Broker, Seller, or party other than the Borrower
2311 Housing Expenses: Synchronizing the Loan Application with the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure

Additional Articles
6613 Prepaid Finance Charges do not total correctly
2307 Entering Lender-Paid Compensation to Broker
2309 Entering Aggregate Adjustment for HUD 1
2602 Checking the APR
1126 Setting up the default escrow account payments
0142 Completing the Title and Escrow tables
6627 Months for prepaid items are automatically recalculated

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