What is it?

Path Agile Compliance provides proactive, automated compliance alerts, audit trails, fee history tracking, rules engine capabilities, integrations with industry-leading companies, and a fully configurable compliance workflow.

How does it work?

Compliance countdown alerts are communicated via automated emails and displayed within pipeline views by color-coded action icons. Examples of alerts include loan estimate due as well as credit and appraisal report expiration approaching. The combination of email and pipeline alerting enables all loan processing participants to have the most expedient method of tracking and adhering to compliance rules.

Compliance Workflow

The fully configurable compliance workflow runs parallel to your loan workflow for maximum transparency via customizable tracking. In addition, the robust rules engine monitors the compliance workflow and sends notifications to anyone you choose regarding key loan file changes.

Audit Trail and Fee History Tracking

Path utilizes an Audit Trail feature and Fee History concept to retain and track important loan data. Path also tracks all the Fee Histories throughout the compliance process. You will be able to see how fees have changed from Initial Disclosures to Closing, including any Change of Circumstance. Path can generate the following export files for support and management of essential compliance reporting such as HMDA, ULDD, and UCD.

Direct Compliance Interfaces

Path has direct compliance interfaces with key industry leaders including LoanScorecard, FraudGuard, ComplianceEase, Equifax, FormFree and CoreLogic.

Solutions featuring Agile Compliance

Choose from two versions of Path, both cloud-based and with an account team dedicated to your success.

Agile compliance & cloud-based LOS | Path Express

Using industry best practices, pre-configured workflows, roles, statuses, conditions, and business rules make implementation and your ongoing experience quick and hassle-free.

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Path Enterprise

A fully configurable LOS with up to three channels—retail, wholesale, and correspondent—on a single platform.

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