6621 Total Estimated Funds to Close do not match when synchronizing 1st and 2nd mortgage files


When you synchronize a first and second mortgage file, the closing costs do not match.



You are adding seller credit to both the first and second mortgage file.



Remove Seller Credit from the second mortgage file

Point automatically synchronizes closing costs on the Good Faith Estimate for the first and second mortgage files. If there is a seller credit, you must enter the seller credit onto the first mortgage file but not onto the second mortgage file.

    1. Open the second mortgage file.
    2. From the Menu bar, select Forms > Good Faith Estimate.
    3. Scroll to the Total Estimate Funds Needed to Close section.


    4. Remove the credit in the Closing Costs Paid by Seller field.
    5. Click the First Mtg button in the Navigation Panel to go to the first mortgage file and verify that the closings costs match.