6630 Both the Lock Confirmed and Lock Requested checkboxes are grayed out


The Lock Confirmed and Lock Requested checkboxes are grayed out from the Banker > Secondary Marketing screen; not allowing you to select either one of them.


The Point file was copied from an older file that was created in an earlier version of Point.


Import a notepad file the Point file to correct the grayed checkbox

1. Open Point.
2. From the left navigation panel, select the Templates tab.
3. Select Data Import.
4. Click the New button on the right, to create a new import template.
5. From the Data Import window, select <Custom ASCII format> from the Import Format dropdown list.
6. In the Column In File column for the first row of the template, enter 1.
7. In the Maps to Field ID column for the first row of the template, enter 6101.
8. In the Brw/Co-Brw column for the first row of the template, enter 0.
6630 a
9. Click file > Save from the menu bar.

10. Enter Import as the filename and then click Save.

 6630 b

11. Close the import template and minimize Point. 

12. From your desktop, click the Windows Start icon.
       For Windows 7: In the Search field, enter notepad and press <Enter>
    1. From the Notepad window, press<Tab>on your keyboard one time.
    2. Click File > Save from the menu bar.
    3. Enter Import as the filename and select Save the file on the Desktop.
      6630 c
        13. Close the notepad file and open Point.
        14.Open the affected loan file that has both the
Lock Confirmed
Lock Requested
        checkboxes grayed out.
        15. From the menu bar, select
File > Import From > Other App (using import template).
        From the 
Choose a Data Import Template
        window, double-click the 
        that you saved.
    6630 d
          16. From the
    Specify an Input Data File
          window, navigate to the Desktop and double-click the 
          notepad file that you saved from step 16.

    6630 e
        17. Go to the
    Secondary Marketing
         screen and the 
    Lock Confirmed
       box should now be available.
      18. It will import the blank notepad file.