1107 Entering processing center information

The processing center information entered here is used as the return address on verification forms. If the return address for verifications and the company address are the same, you do not need to enter the processing center information.

To enter processing center information:

1. Select Utilities > Company Defaults > Processing Center.

2. Select the check box to indicate whether you are a Broker or Lender.
3. Complete the company name and address fields.
4. Select the time zone where the processing center is located from the Time Zone dropdown list.
5. Enter the 9-digit nationwide mortgage license number for your company in the NMLS field, if applicable.
6. Enter your company federal tax identification number in the Fed. Tax ID field.
7. Select the applicable check boxes to indicate the combination of company name, license number, NMLS name and number, and registration number that you want printed on forms.
8. Select the check boxes that correspond to each state where the processing center is licensed and enter the license number for that state in the corresponding License # field.
9. Click OK.