1125 Creating the default conditions list

The Condition Types dialog box is used to create the conditions list that populates the loan conditions on the Banker > Conditions screen.

To create the default conditions list:

1. Select Utilities > Company Defaults > Condition Types.

1125 a

2. Click Add or select an existing condition type and click Edit.

The Condition Setup dialog box is displayed.

1125 b
3. Enter a Condition # and select a Condition Type.
      1. Enter a description of the condition.
      2. If the condition requires a document, select the Document Category and Document Type from the dropdown lists.
      3. To include the condition in the default list when specifying conditions on the Conditions screen, select the Default Condition For All New Loans check box.
      4. To exclude the condition from the pick-list when specifying conditions on the Conditions screen, select the Mark as Inactive check box.
      5. To include the condition in the list of conditions on the Track > Conditions screen, select the Show in Track > Conditions Screen check box. You must also select a document category and a document type.
        • Select the Show in Mtg Loan Commitment Screen check box to include the condition in the Mortgage Loan Commitment screen.
        • If the condition is to be included in the pick list, specify the filter settings.

For example, if the condition applies only to first mortgage FHA purchases, select First LienPurchase from the Loan Purpose section, and FHA from the Loan Type section.

    1. Click OK to return to the Condition Types dialog box.
    2. Repeat the process for each condition.
    3. Click OK in the Conditions Types dialog box when finished.