1138 Setting up Freddie Mac Loan Product Advisor System-to-System Credentials

To setup the Freddie Mac Loan Product Advisor system-to-system interface to run within Point:

Note: This article applies only to the Point Admin.

1. Select Utilities > Company Defaults > Freddie Mac System-to-System.

2. Enter your company’s credentials in the applicable fields.

3. Click OK.

Seller Service Number: A Freddie Mac-assigned number that indicates a company is approved to do business directly with Freddie Mac.

NOTP Number: A Freddie Mac-assigned number for non-originating third parties and Mortgage Service Providers that access LPA directly.

TPO: A Freddie Mac-assigned Third-Party Originator (e.g., brokers) number for accessing LPA directly. There is a generic TPO# of 121555 that can be used if not issued a unique one.

Note: For information on restricting access and setting security levels refer to knowledge base article 6014 Setting access rights and securing data folders.

Refer to Freddie Mac's Transition Guide for information on requesting new credentials.