1409 Locating unmarried Co-Borrower files when generating a HMDA report

Locating unmarried co-borrower files from your loan file

  1. Open Point.
  2. From the left navigation panel, click the Loans tab.
  3. Under the Loans tab, click the List Co-Borrowers button.

All files that contain an additional unmarried co-borrower application will appear in the loan search results.

1409 a 

Export a list of all files with an unmarried co-borrower application

You can export the list of all files with an unmarried co-borrower application to your desktop in a Point viewer format or in Excel.

    1. Open Point.
    2. From the left Navigation Panel, select the Reports & Marketing tab.
    3. Under the Reports & Marketing tab, select the data folders that contain the files you are generating on the report.
    4. Under the Reports & Marketing tab, check the Borrower and Include Co-Borrower checkbox.
      Note: Only check the Prospect checkbox if you have prospect files to include on the HMDA report.

      1409 b

    1. From the Reports dropdown list in the workspace, select the Calyx Report - HMDA report.
    2. From the Status Date dropdown list, select the status of the loans for which you are generating the report.
    3. From the between date fields, enter the reporting period.
      (In this example, we are running the HMDA report for all Closed loans from 01/01/2011 - 12/31/2011)
    1. Click Generate.
      1409 c
    1. The Export HMDA popup box will appear. Click No to export the report data to a HMDA format file.
       1409 d

The HMDA report will generate. When you view the generated HMDA report results, any file that has a duplicate filename in the first column indicates that there is an additional co-borrower 1 application associated with the loan file. The duplicated file is the co-borrower 1 application.

1409 e

You can save the generated report by clicking File > Save as or File > Export > Excel from the menu bar. From the Save As dialog, save the report on your desktop.