1503 Creating a default set of fees (Closing Cost Scenarios)

  1. Open Point.
  2. Select the Templates tab from the left navigation panel.

 1503 a 

  3. Select Closing Cost Scenario.

  4. Click the New button in the workspace. The Closing Cost Scenario template is displayed.

1503 b

  5. Enter a name for your Closing Cost Scenario in the Closing Cost Scenario Name field.
  6. Enter the fees and other information that is specific to this scenario.
    • PFC – Fees that affect the APR
    • S – Seller Paid
    • F – FHA Allowable
    • POC – Items to be Paid Outside of Closing

 7.  Save and close the new template.
 8.  Select Loans from the left navigation panel.
 9.  Click the New button in the workspace.

1503 c

 10. Click OK to create a new loan. The Borrower Information screen is displayed.

1503 d

 11. Click the CC Scenario button in Loan Summary section.

1503 e

 12.  Select the scenario you want to use and click OK.
 13.  Begin to your fees in the Fees Worksheet.