1610 E-mail a custom form to multiple borrowers

Calyx Point introduces the ability to e-mail a custom form to multiple borrowers in an e-mail. More than six sample forms are available as sample documents that can be edited to meet your company's requirements.


The following steps will be covered:

  • Creating the custom letter
  • Create the report template
  • Generating the marketing template

Creating the custom letter

If you are creating a new custom letter to send in a mass e-mail, See article 2507 Creating and editing custom forms.


Use an existing custom letter to send a mass e-mail

You will need to create a report template that will generate the custom form letter for multiple borrowers. It is recommended that you print a blank custom form template first so you can add each Field ID from the custom form into the report template.

  1. Open Point.
  2. From the Navigation Panel, select Custom Forms/Letters/E-mail.
  3. Double-click the custom form letter that you will use for the mass e-mail.

  4. From the Microsoft Word Menu bar, click File > Print.
  5. From the Point Custom Forms window, click Close.


Create the report template (You will need the form that you printed above.)

  1. From the Navigation Panel, select Templates.
  2. Click Report & Marketing.
  3. Click New.
  4. In the Report Title: field, enter a name for the template.
  5. (Optional) In the Description:field, enter a description of the template.

    Note: You must include the e-mail address of either the borrower or co-borrower in the report template for the letter to be sent to the e-mail address.
    • For Borrower: Enter a field name of Borrower Email and a Field ID of 112.
  6. In the Field Name column, select the same fields which printed on the custom letter you printed earlier.

For Example: The printout contains fields, such as, <<Borrower First Name>> and <<Borrower Last Name>>. Select the same fields from the Field Name dropdown list in the report template.

Some fields may contain a number, such as,<<PNT_150>>. In this case, manually enter a Field Name as the title for the field and then enter the appropriate Field ID number in the Field ID column. For Example: For<<PNT_150>>, you would enter a Field Name and a Field ID of 150.

  1. In the Output Options section, select Use Result For Mail Merge Marketing Document.

  2. Click Add Link.
  3. In the Document Type: section, select E-mail.
  4. In the E-mail Options section, enter the Subject which will show in the Subject field of the e-mail.
  5. (Required)In the Email Address field, select the email address field from the dropdown list. (You must enter the e-mail address field into the report template prior to completing this step.)
  6. In the Email/Custom Letter Content Document section, select the custom document that you are going to e-mail.

    • Use the Create New...or Edit...button if you need to create a new custom document or edit an existing one.
  7. Click OK.
  8. From the Report Template window, click File > Save from the Menu bar.
  9. Enter a Filename and click Save.

Generating the marketing report

    1. From the Navigation Panel, select Reports & Marketing.
    2. In the Navigation Panel, select the data folders for which you want to generate the e-mail.
    3. Select Prospect, Borrower, or to Include Co-Borrower.
    4. From the Workspace, select Marketing.
    5. Select your marketing report template from the dropdown list.
    6. (Optional) Use the Status and Status Between Date fields to narrow the search results. Selecting All from the Status field will generate the report for all files.)

    7. Click Generate.

      The report results window appears.

  1. Click Generate.
  2. The Custom letter will open. From the Marketing Tools - Email window, click Send E-mail.

The custom letter will be sent to each borrower that generated with an e-mail address on the report.