1807 Exporting Point data to a text file using an export template

Exporting data from one file to a text file from an export template

  1. Open Point.
  2. From the menu bar, select Utilities > Load Field ID > Borrower.
    (This will load a field ID number into every Point field.)
  3. Write down the field ID number for every field you need to export.
  4. Close the field ID file after you have written down all the Field ID numbers.
  5. From the left navigation panel, select Templates.
  6. Click Data Export.
  7. Click New to create a new export template.
  8. From the Export Format dropdown list, select<custom ASCII format>
  9. In the Output Data File field, enter the location and filename that will be created.
    For example: c:\pointexp.txt

    1807 a
  10. In the Column In File column, enter a title to every field you are exporting.
  11. In the Maps to Field ID column, enter the corresponding field id number.
  12. The Brw/Co-Brw column can be left blank unless you are exporting fields from a co-borrower 1 or co-borrower 2 application, which you will enter as cb1 or cb2 into the column.
  13. Click File > Save and then enter a filename.
  14. Click File > Close.
  15. Open the Point file that you are exporting.
    From the menu bar, select File > Export To > Other App (using export template)

    1807 b
  16. From the Choose Export Template window, select the export template you created and click Open.
1807 c
 17.  A message will appear stating that the file has been exported. At this time you can browse to the location you set in step 9 and open the text file.
1807  d