2103 Entering Payoffs and Adjustments on the Loan Estimate

The Loan Estimate - Payoffs and Adjustments screen is used to calculate adjustments and other credits to populate the cash-to-close on the Loan Estimate.

To complete the Loan Estimate - Payoffs and Adjustments screen:

1. Open the Loan Estimate and click the Payoffs & Adjustments button at the bottom of the screen.


2. Enter the Cash Deposit amount.

3. Enter any additional lump sum Lender Credits. All current lender credits from the Fees Worksheet will populate in the neighboring greyed out field.

4. Enter any additional lump sum Seller Credits.

5. If the Freeze Fees checkbox is marked on the Fees Worksheet, the CC paid by Lender and CC paid by Seller fields will be open for data entry.


6. Click the Copy From Liabilities button to populate the fields with liabilities that are marked for payoff from the Loan Application for all borrower sets.

2103 5-17-23 Fix

7. Select the Liabilities and Adjustments type from the dropdown list and enter the amount to pay off in the Amount column of the Payoffs and Payments section.


8. Enter each adjustment, credit, and the amount in the Adjustments and Other Credits section.