2409 VA Req/Cert of Reasonable Value (26-1805)

Request for Determination of Reasonable Value (Real Estate) has been updated to in Point to match latest version per The Department of Veterans Affairs. Existing loans with populated fields that are no longer in use, will be removed.

1. Navigate to Forms > Veterans Administration (VA) > VA Req/Cert of Reasonable Value (26-1805).

2409 a

2. Complete applicable information.

2409 b

Note: Field definitions are updated to current form. Any existing loans with data not on current form will be removed from Point. Current form will now print as 2-pages instead of 3.

1. Navigate to File > Print.

2. Select Request of Value – Page 1 (26-1805) and Request of Value – Page 2 (26-1805).

2409 c