2500 Completing the Written List of Service Providers screen

The Written List of Service Providers is used to comply with the CFPB requirements for disclosing the loan services and fees. The services entered here populate the Written List of Service Providers form when printed. This form is used when you generate your disclosures in Point. Click the button that corresponds to your Point version for more information.


To complete the Written List of Providers screen:

1. Open a borrower file.
2. Select Forms > Written List of Service Providers from the main menu.

2500 a

3. The Date Prepared field will populate from the Fees Worksheet or you can enter or edit it as needed.
4. To print the completed form without the fees column, select the Print the Written List of Service Providers without fees check box.
5. Click the Add button in the Service Providers section to add a service provider to the loan.

The Edit Service Provider dialog box is displayed.

2500 b

6. Select the Cardex icon to populate the information from an entry in your Cardex database. Otherwise, enter the CompanyContactAddressEmail and Phone number information.
7. Click Save & New to save the entry and add another service provider.

8. Click Save & Close when finished adding service providers.

The provider is added to the Service Providers list.

2500 c

9. Click Add in the Services section to specify the services provided and the estimated cost.

2500 d

10. The Edit Service light box is displayed.

2500 e

11. Enter the type of service in the Service field.
12. Enter an estimate of the service cost in the Estimate field.
13. Select the Provider from the dropdown list.

The service providers you added in the Service Providers section are available on the list.

14. Select the Cannot Shop For check box if the borrower cannot shop for this service.
15. Click Save & New to save the entry and add another service.

16. Click Save & Close when finished adding services.

The service is added to the Services list.

2500 f

17. Use the Borrower Forms dialog box to print and save the form as needed.

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