2502 Inserting Word fields into Point custom forms. If...Then...Else...

For Microsoft Office 

You can use the Rules feature in Word on a custom form in order to print the word "and" in-between the borrower and co-borrower name when there is a co-borrower present. The instructions below create a "Dear <Borrower> and <Co-borrower>" greeting where the word "and" does not appear unless a Co-Borrower is present.

Inserting "and" between the borrower and co-borrowers first name when the co-borrower is present.

    1. In the Navigation Panel, click the Templates tab.
    2. Select Custom Forms/Letters/Email.
    3. Open the custom form.
    4. Insert the borrower and co-borrower name merge fields.
    5. Place the cursor in between the borrower and co-borrower's name where you want "and" to print. Don't forget to insert a space so it does not merge together with any of the borrower names.
      (In this example, the cursor is between the borrower's last name and co-borrower's first name.)
    6. From the Mailings tab, select Rules > If..Then..Else
    7. In the Insert Word Field: IF window, go to the Field name dropdown list and select PNT_150.
    1. In the Comparison dropdown list select is not blank.
    2. Click in the Insert this text field and type and or &.
    3. Complete editing the Custom Form as usual. When you print the custom form from a loan file, the "and" or "&" symbol will only print if there is a co-borrower entered in the loan file.