2510 Applying Escrow Account on the GFE Form

The Escrow Account Information section was moved from the Good Faith Estimate screen to the Truth-In-Lending screen to accommodate the New TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Forms. However, the escrow information that is specified on the Truth-In-Lending screen is printed on the Good Faith Estimate.

2510 a

To populate the escrow information on the Good Faith Estimate form, you need to specify the escrow status on the TIL screen.

1. Open the Truth-In-Lending screen.
2. To specify that the loan will not have an escrow account, select the Escrow Waived or Will not have an Escrow Account check box.

Enter the Escrow Waive Fee, if applicable.

2510 b

3. To specify that the loan will have an escrow account, leave all check boxes blank
(previous GFE behavior) or select the Will have an Escrow Account check box.

2510 c