2600 Opening more than one file at a time

You can only open one instance of Point but you can open multiple files.

1. Open the first file.
2. Insert a check in the Keep Open box located at the bottom of the Point screen.
3. In the Navigation Panel, click the Loans tab.
4. From the Data Folders dropdown list, select a data folder.
5. Click Borrower or Prospect.
6. Click Search to find the other file you want to open.
7. Select the second file and click Open.
8. Click Keep Open to keep the second file open as well.
9. From the Menu bar, select Window > Tile Horizontally or Window > Tile Vertically.

Note: If you want to keep multiple files open but do not want to see them all on the screen at the same time, go to the Menu bar and select Window > select the filename for the file you want to open.