2606 Adding Co-Borrowers

1. Open the applicable Borrower file.

2. From the Menu bar, select Bor/Co-Bor > Co-Borrower 1 to create a file for your first Co-Borrower.

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3. Enter the co-borrower information as the Borrower in the Co-borrower 1 application.

4. Complete the Loan Application and all applicable forms.

5. From the menu bar, select File > Save.

6. You can toggle between the two applications by using the Bor/Co-bor option from the menu bar.

Requesting separate credit reports

When you request a credit report, Point will request credit for the borrowers that are on the current loan application. To request credit for the co-borrower 1, go to the Co-borrower 1 application by selecting Bor/Co-Bor, from the menu bar and then request credit.