2612 Tracking Loan Status and Progress

The Loan Status section summarizes the current loan status and the status date. The date that you open a file is automatically populated in the Prospect field.

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Loan Progress

The Loan Progress section tracks the status of the loan. When you check a check box, the current date is automatically populated into the Date field.

Insert a check into the checkbox to insert today's date or click Edit or double-click the status entry to open the Loan Progress dialog box.

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Basic Documents & Miscellaneous Items

The Basic Documents and Miscellaneous Items section tracks the loan progress and indicates the dates that various loan paperwork was submitted and received.

To use the Loan Checklist - insert a check into the Req'd checkbox for any item that you want to appear in the Information Baron the right of the screen. That item will appear under the Loan Checklist section within the Information Bar.

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You can add custom items into the Basic Documents and Miscellaneous Items section by double-clicking any of the blank entries and then check it as "required" so it can appear in the Loan Checklist.

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Working with items in the Loan Checklist

For an item to appear in the Loan Checklist, you would need to add the items from the Basic Documents and Miscellaneous Items section on the Track > Status screen, as described in the section above.

Any item in the loan checklist allows you to enter a Due Date, Ordered Date, and Received Date. Simply double-click the entry from the Loan Checklist to enter the ordered or received date.

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The items in the Loan Checklist may be highlighted in red or have a strike through in the middle of the entry to indicate whether that item has been ordered but not received or ordered and received:

  • An item in red indicates that the document has been ordered on or after the due date or has not been ordered yet and the current date is on or after the due date.
  • An item with a strike through indicates an item that has been received either before or after the due date.

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How to use Point to automatically set the Due Date of any Loan Checklist item to populate a due date x amount of days after a particular loan status

Any item in the Loan Checklist can be configured to automatically set the Due Date to be x number of days after a particular status. For example: You can set the Due Date for an Appraisal Report to automatically populate the date that is 6 days after the Application status date.

To calculate a due date based on the loan status, double click the Loan Checklist item or navigate to Track > Status and double-click the entry from the Basic Documents or Miscellaneous Items section. Click the Calculate Due Date Based Oncheck box and then select a status from the dropdown list. In the+/-days field, specify the number of days before or after the loan status that the due date is to occur.

The Due Date will be disabled because Point will automatically set the due date to be whatever the date will be x amount of days after a particular status date has been entered. Status dates are entered in the same Track > Status screen, in the Loan Progress section.

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