2614 Entering non-occupying/non-married Borrowers to submit to Loan Product Advisor (LPA)

This article covers the following topics:

  • Creating the non-occupying/non-married borrowers loan application
  • Filling in the non-occupying/non-married borrowers loan application


Creating the non-occupying/non-married Borrowers loan application

1. Open the applicable borrower file.

2. From the Menu bar, select Borrower/Co-Borrower > Co-Borrower 1.

2614 a

3. Complete the Co-borrower information as needed.

4. From the Menu bar, select File > Save.


Filling in the co-borrower application

Note: All Co-Borrower 1 data is entered into the Borrower sections.

1. From the Co-Borrower 1 application, the application should be checked as a Secondary or an Investment residence.

2. Enter the borrower's subject property address into the Subject Property section.

3. Enter the non-occupying co-borrower's primary residence address into the Present Address section.

2614 b

4. Go to Page 2 of the Loan Application.

5. Scroll to section V Monthly Income and Combined Housing Expense Information.

2614 c

  • The Present column should reflect payments for the co-borrower 1 primary residence.
  • The Proposed column should reflect payments for the subject property.

6. Continue to complete the rest of the Loan Application and other applicable forms.