2700 Backing up Point data files using Point Administrator

Note: Calyx does not back up user data to avoid potential data loss. We will advise and show where user data/template folders are located.

    1. Close Point.
    2. Click Start > All Programs > Calyx Software > Point Administrator.


    1. Click Setup Data Folders.


    1. Look in the Linked Directory column to determine where your data folder is stored. Write down the path.
    2. Click Close.
    3. On the Desktop, click Start > Run.
    4. Enter the path you wrote down in step 4 in the Open field.
    5. Click OK.


    1. Right-click the folder you want to backup. For example, PNTDATA or PNTTEMPL.
    2. Click Copy.
    3. Go to My Computer.
    4. Right-click the USB or other storage devices where you want to backup the data folder and select Paste.

The data folder is copied to the selected device.

  1. Repeat these steps to back up additional folders.