2750 Using Point Mobile with Point and PointCentral

Tips for Using Point Mobile with Point and PointCentral


  • For connecting via local Point to Point Mobile, you must have the Microsoft.Net Framework Client and Extensions installed on your computer.
  • Point Mobile must be available on a MyCalyx account. There must be an Activation Key from MyCalyx for each mobile device you wish to connect to Point.
  • If using Point Mobile with PointCentral, you need not be running Point to use the Mobile Application. Your administrator must give you access to the mobile application on PointCentral.
  • If using Point Mobile with local Point without PointCentral, Point must be running in order to connect with the mobile application.

Connecting Point Mobile to PointCentral

  1. Reconfigure PointCentral rules and/or data folders as needed for Point Mobile. Avoid setting required field rules for fields not on Point Mobile.
  2. Install Point Mobile on the mobile device (Android or IPhone).
  3. Tap on the gear icon in lower right corner to open the Configuration screen. Enter your PointCentral server URLsecurity key, and Point login into the mobile device.
  4. Tap Test Configuration in Point Mobile. Do not exit this screen without tapping on Test Configuration. On the mobile device you should see a message saying you are now connected.

Connecting Point Mobile to Local Point

Point connects to Point Mobile using a component called the Origination Service Host, which is installed with Point. This service on the local PC and enables the connection from the Mobile Access screen on the Point utilities menu. Before Point can connect to Point Mobile, security must be enabled on at least one Point data folder (using Point Administrator) and auto file naming must be enabled for each data folder you wish to create loans in. Thus, here are recommended steps to enable the connection between Point on a local computer and Point Mobile.

  1. Set up security and Point logins for data folders you wish to use with Point Mobile.
  2. Enable auto file naming on the data folders to be used with Point Mobile (from the Utilities menu).
  3. From the Utilities menu, go to the Mobile Access screen. Check the Enable Point for Mobile Access checkbox
  4. To email your connection ID to your mobile device, click the Email Connection ID button, then click Ok on this screen. (Clicking OK starts the Origination Service Host). You may also manually enter your connection ID into the phone from the Mobile Access screen, then click OK.
  5. Enter the Point Connection ID from the Mobile Access screen in Point into the Connection ID field on the Configuration screen on the mobile device (enter with dashes).
  6. Obtain the Activation Key from your MyCalyx account that was set up by your administrator. Enter this in the Configuration screen in Point Mobile in the Activation key field. Your MyCalyx administrator can email you the Activation Key. This key must be entered with dashes.
  7. Enter your Point login into Point Mobile on the Configuration screen. Check Remember User ID if desired.
  8. Tap Test Configuration in Point Mobile. Do not exit this screen without tapping on Test Configuration. On the mobile device you should see a message saying you are connected.

The Point Mobile application can create a new loan file, order credit, and view multiple Point data folders. When changing folders from the Point Mobile menu, you can set the app to save files as prospect files if desired. New loans cannot be saved from the mobile app if auto file naming is not enabled. Credit reports and credit scores are also viewable from in the mobile app, but they are stored with the Point data, not on the mobile device.

If the mobile app is idle for 10 minutes, it will logout. The Origination Service Host on the computer can also time out. A connection time out message may popup on the mobile device when attempting some operations. If so, it may be necessary to exit and restart Point, and return to the Mobile Access screen to restart the connection. You can verify that the Origination Service Host is running from the Windows Task Manager. It should be running whenever you are trying to connect with the mobile app, or do an operation such as saving a loan or ordering credit.