2757 Point Mobile 2.1

Point Mobile 2.1 contains several functionality changes and a new feature to request and view credit reports from your mobile device.


Point Mobile 2.1 introduces the ability to search for loans.

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Point Mobile 2.1, includes a new search function that enables you to search for any of your loans by Last Name, First Name, Loan Status, Rate Lock, or Subject Property Address.

When you log into Point Mobile 2.1 you will notice a new search field towards the top of the screen.

Simply click the Arrow icon next to "All" in the top search field to change your search criteria.


Point Mobile 2.1 introduces a "back" and "menu" icon.

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Point Mobile 2.1 now includes a "back" button on the upper left to go back to the previous screen.

The updated mobile version also includes a "menu" button on the upper right which allows you to create new loans, refresh the loan search results, change the data folder in which your loans reside, logout, or change Point Mobile configuration parameters.


Point Mobile 2.1 introduces the ability to request and view credit reports.

Point Mobile 2.1 includes functionality to order and view credit reports.  Android devices must install APVPdf viewer from the Google Play store in order to view credit reports from your android smart phone.

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Point Mobile 2.1 only allows you to manipulate a limited amount of data fields. 
From the Summary screen, the Loan tab information cannot be manipulated from the mobile device.