3101 Creating installation settings for PointCentral environments

Installation settings, also referred to as installation groups, are recommended for network environments to apply Point settings consistently among users and to define access to data and template folders on the PointCentral server.

To create an installation setting for a PointCentral environment:

1. Log in to MyCalyx.

2. Click Manage Point Installations.

3101 a

3. Click Installation Settings.

3101 b

4. Select Create New Settings from the dropdown list.

3101 c

5. Enter a name for the new setting in the Name field.

6. Specify the location for the client Point installation in the Application Directory Path field.

Note: Ignore the Terminal Services Installation check box. Point does not support thin-client networks such as Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Services.

7. Ensure the Install Point Administrator check box is not selected.

8. Select the Enable PointCentral check box.

Data folder and template directory paths are specified in the PointCentral settings. Point Administrator is not used.

9. Enter the server URL in the PointCentral URL: https:// field.

10. Enter the security key in the PointCentral Security Key field.

11. Complete the Windows Administrator section to enable Point to automatically install on your network if a Windows administrative password is required.

Note: The following format is required for the Windows Administrator Username: Domain\username

12. Specify the location on your sever to store the Point installer in the Installation Package Cached Location section.

This setting specifies where the Point installation package is downloaded when the first installation is initiated. All subsequent installations retrieve the installer from this location.

13. Click Save.

3101 d

After the installation setting is saved, it is available to assign to a new or existing user.