3103 MyCalyx Digital Key

PointCentral uses a MyCalyx Digital Key to manage users and licenses. The MyCalyx Digital Key automatically refreshes every month and is synchronized between your MyCalyx.com account and PointCentral Administration site.

However, if the PointCentral server is unable to communicate with MyCalyx.com due to internet access or restrictions, the MyCalyx Digital Key will not automatically update. Refer to the Expired MyCalyx Digital Key section later in this article for instructions to manually update the digital key.

When the MyCalyx Digital Key expires or you have exceeded your number of users allotted for the number of licenses, a grace period ensues to give you time to correct the discrepancy. If the grace period ends before the discrepancy is corrected or the expired digital key renewed, your PointCentral service will lapse and users will not be able to access PointCentral data.


The following information is displayed on the PointCentral Home page upon login:

Total Licensed Users
Number of licenses purchased for Point or mobile access

Total Active Users
Number of users you have added for Point or mobile access

Users Remaining
Number of users remaining that you can add before exceeding the number of licenses you have purchased for Point or mobile access

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You can add only as many users as you have licenses in MyCalyx.com. When the Users Remaining is 0 and you attempt to add a user to PointCentral, an error will occur to indicate that you do not have enough licenses for Point or Mobile access.

*Contact sales at 800-362-2599 to purchase additional licenses.


Exceeding user licenses when updating PointCentral

When you update PointCentral, it is possible to have more users configured in PointCentral site than actual licenses in MyCalyx.com. If this is the case, Users Remaining is displayed with a message to either remove the additional users from PointCentral or contact a sales representative to purchase additional licenses. After "x" amount of days, your service is interrupted and users cannot access PointCentral data until the number of licensed users is reconciled.

If you intend to remove users to balance the number of users and licenses, you don't necessarily have to delete the users altogether. You can navigate to Users > List Users to edit the users you want to remove and clear the Point check box. This action prevents the user from accessing Point until you purchase additional licenses.

Note: If you purchase additional licenses and your PointCentral Administration site does not reflect the correct number of licensed users, you might need to manually refresh the Digital Key from your PointCentral Administration page. Refer to the Refresh MyCalyx Digital Key when you add or remove user licenses section later in this article.

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Refresh MyCalyx Digital Key when you add or remove user licenses

If you adjust your licenses, (i.e., purchase or remove user licenses), you might need to refresh the MyCalyx Digital Key to reflect the correct number of licensed users. Although PointCentral will automatically check for an updated digital key every couple of days, complete the following steps to manually refresh the digital key:

This will refresh the number of licenses with MyCalyx.com.

    1. Log in to the PointCentral Administration site.
    2. Navigate to Configuration > Parameters.
    3. Click the Refresh Digital Key button and click Save.


Expired MyCalyx Digital Key

If PointCentral service is interrupted because the server is not able to obtain a MyCalyx Digital Key, to avoid the need to manually copy the MyCalyx Digital Key from MyCalyx.com to PointCentral every 30 days whitelist the following URL: