3301 Adding users

To add a new user to PointCentral:

1. Log in to the PointCentral Administration site.

2. Select Users > Add User from the left navigation pane.

3301 a

3. Enter the Full Name, User ID, Password, and specify Point and Mobile access, depending on the user, and click Add User.

3301 b

Note: When adding a user who will be given access to This Originator or Processor and/or Other User’s Loans as shown in the following example, the Full Name must match exactly how their name is set up in the Point processor and originator dropdown lists in Utilities. Otherwise, the user will not be able to access any files.

4. To verify the name in Point, select Utilities > Dropdown Lists > Originator…  or Utilities > Dropdown Lists > Processor….

3301 c