3410 Integrated Disclosure Cash To Close Item is required

- At least one Integrated Disclosure Cash To Close Item Type of 'CashToCloseTotal' is required.


A value must be entered in the Cash to Close field under the Final column for all Refinance type loans.

1. Open the loan file in Point.

2. Navigate to Forms > Closing Disclosure > Pg. 3 from the top menu.

3. Verify that the Cash to Close field in the Final column is populated.

4. If it is not, navigate to the Closing Costs Worksheet and click the Copy from Fees Worksheet button to bring over existing fees.

3410 a

5. Review the now populated fees and make changes as applicable.

6. Navigate back to the Closing Disclosure Pg. 3 to verify the Cash to Close field has now populated.

3410 b