3603 Setting Up Forward Lookup Zone for use with PointCentral

  1. Make a new forward lookup zone.

    3603 a

  2. Click Next from the New Zone Wizard window.

    3603 b

  3. Select Default Options and Click Next

    3603 c

  4. You must use the FQDN setup in resolver. (For example: myname.calyxpds.com)

    3603 d

  5. Select Default Options and Click Next

    3603 e

  6. Click Next after selecting Do not allow dynamic updates.

    3603 f

  7. Click Finish to complete the new zone wizard.

    3603 g

  8. Open the new zone and right click to make a new Host (A) record.

    3603 h

  9. Enter the local IP of the PDS Server you are setting up and leave the Name fields alone.

    3603 i