3611 Binding an SSL Certificate to PointCentral


You are self-hosting your PointCentral server and using the Calyx Resolver Service to manage the DNS and SSL Certificates required for Point clients to connect to PointCentral.   



The PointCentral Server’s SSL Certificate is expiring or has expired.



Update the SSL Certificate on the PointCentral Server. Calyx will no longer offer free SSL Certificates with the PointCentral Product.

The current certificate on your system will be expiring on Oct. 10, 2021. To continue to use the PointCentral Product after Oct. 10, 2021, an SSL Certificate will need to be purchased and installed to your server.

IMPORTANT: This article is for Self-Hosted customers only and to be used by the admin or person who maintains your server.


Binding an SSL Certificate to PointCentral:

1. Purchase and install an SSL Certificate to your PointCentral server.

2. Access the Server Manager > Dashboard.

3. Navigate to Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager from the top right corner.

3611 a

4. Use the Connections panel to navigate to [Server Name] > Sites > Default Web Site.

5. Select Bindings from the Actions panel on the right.

3611 b

6. Select the appropriate certificate from any listed and click the Edit button in the Site Bindings window.

3611 c

7. Confirm or update your settings as appropriate.

8. Click OK if changes are made, or Cancel if not to close the window.

3611 d

9. Click the Close button to confirm settings.

10. Close the IIS Manager.