3900 Best Practice for Test Server Environment

Best Practice for Test Server Environment

  1. Run the test on a separate network (separate DNS from your production, so the 2 servers running PointCentral cannot see each other) (separate networks prevent IIS from attempting to ‘load balance’ which is a default action of IIS, and will cause loan file loss and or loss of data).
  2. Use a unique DNS host name and IP address (don’t try and reuse the same as production, this will cause conflicts).
  3. For clarity to the user it is best to use unique user logins between the 2 systems (don’t use same user ID & passwords in both systems) this applies to the admin user account as well.
  4. Separate SQL server as well.

    Note: Finally for a true “test” environment the test server should be a replica of the production system, so if running VM or hardware or other specific system environment variables should be duplicated for a true and accurate test.