5400 Requesting employment and income verifications from The Work Number

To order verifications through The Work Number:

1. Select Services > Verifications > Request Verifications from the main menu.

The Request Verifications dialog box is displayed.

2. Select The Work Number from the Verification Services Provider dropdown list.

The Generic Verification Request tab changes to VOE/VOI Request and the fields associated with The Work Number are displayed.

3. Complete the VOE/VOI Request section.

5400 a

4. Select Order New Verification.

Note: You can order re-verification of employment by selecting the Re-Verify radio button.

5. Select the Copy Employment information to this 1003 check box to populate the employment information into the loan.

6. Select the Pay by credit card check box to pay for the request with a credit card.

The Enter Credit Card button becomes enabled.

5400 b

a. Click the Enter Credit Card button to access the Credit Card Payment dialog box.

5400 c

b. Enter the credit card information and click OK.

7. Complete the Select Borrower section.

5400 d

a. Specify whether the request applies to the borrower or the co-borrower.

b. Use the Employer dropdown to select which employer you are ordering the request for.

Note: Clicking the Code checkbox turns this field into manual entry for the Company Code. Click the link for information about obtaining the company code.

c. Select the Verification Type.

  • Employment
  • Employment & Income
  • Researched Employment
  • Researched Employment & Income

Note: If you select Employment & Income, the Salary Key field becomes enabled. If you select either of the Researched options, the Additional Instructions, Comments entry field opens for data entry.

d. Enter the salary key you obtained from the borrower.

Note: The borrower must provide you with a salary key to verify income. For information about obtaining a salary key, direct the borrower to The Work Number.

e. Specify the Employment Status.

  • 2 Year Mortgage (VOI) - Provides verification of income and employment from within the last 24 months
  • Current (VOE) - Provides verification of current employment
  • Current & Previous (VOE) - Provides current and previous employers
  • Employment Select Product (VOE) - Provides current employers from within the last 60 days
  • Preferred Mortgage (VOI) - Provides verification of income and employment at underwriting, including active records less than 60 days old and inactive records less than 24 months old
  • Previous (VOE) - Use this option to verify previous employment
  • Ultimate Mortgage VOE/I) - Provides current employers withing 90 days, previous employers withing 24 months, and up to 3 verifications within 30 days.

8. Click Submit.

The Work Number Login dialog box is displayed.

5400 e

9. Enter your User ID and Password.

10. Optionally, click the Save Password check box to retain your password for subsequent requests from The Work Number.

11. Click OK.

Note: Refer to knowledge base article 6434 Error when Submitting for Verifications through The Work Number if you receive an error.

12. The Populate Employment (1003) window will open listing the received Employment Records in the top section and those currently in the file in the bottom.

5400 f

13. Select and populate individual records by clicking the Add button in the middle of the window or the Add All button to move all records.

Note: If there are duplicates of records already listed in the bottom window, the Replaces Employer(s) window will open. You can select which records to Replace and overwrite previously entered data or click the Close button to ignore the entry.

5400 g

14. Click the Populate button to populate the employment data into the borrower employment information or Don't Populate to ignore.

5400 h

The Verification Services Report will open for you to review.

5400 i

You can view the returned report under Services > Verifications > View Report and in the Document Manager.