5406 Requesting Title Reports

Point allows you to electronically request title reports from Point. 

1. Open the Prospect or Borrower file.

2. From the Menu bar, select Services > Title Reports > Request Title.

5406 a

3. In the Title Company section, select the company from which you will request title.

4. In the Product Types section, select the types of products you are going to request.

5. In the Request Type section, select:

  • Order New Title
  • Check Status of Pending Order
  • Update Existing Order
  • Change Existing Order
  • Cancel Existing Order

6. Click Submit.

5406 b

7. Enter your Branch IDUser ID, and Password.

8. Click OK.

9. Select the report you want to view.

5406 c

10. Click View.

5406 d


Viewing the Title report

1. From the Menu bar, select Forms > Request for Title Commitment.

2. Click View Title.

5406 e

The View Title button is only available after you have requested title from the Services function.