5501 Adding the UCD document category and types manually

To add the UCD document category or types to the dropdown list in document management:

1. Select Utilities > Company Defaults > Document Categories/Types from the main menu.

5501 a

2. If Closing is available on the Document Categories list, select it, click the Edit button, and proceed to step 4.

If Closing is not on the Document Categories list, click Add.

5501 b

3. Enter Closing in the Category Name field.

4. Click the Add button.

5501 c

Note: In order for the .xml export to work, you must enter the following document types exactly as they appear below.

5. Enter Closing Disclosure: Alternative in the Type Name field and click OK.

6. Click the Add button and enter Closing Disclosure: Borrower Only in the Type Name field and click OK.

7. Click the Add button and enter Closing Disclosure: Standard in the Type Name field and click OK.

5501 d

The document types are added to the Closing category.

8. Click OK to return to the Document Categories dialog box.

5501 e

If you added the Closing category, it is now available in the list.

9. Click OK to return to Point.

10. Add the closing documents to the document repository.

For details about adding UCD documents to the document repository, refer to knowledge base article 5800 Preparing a loan for UCD export.