6002 Copying the winpoint.ini file

Select the button for your operating system to view instructions to copy the winpoint.ini file.

To copy the winpoint.ini file:

1. Right click the Windows Start icon and select File Explorer.

6002 a

2. Click the View tab and select the Hidden items check box.6002 b

3. Navigate to C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows.

4. Right click the winpoint.ini and select Copy.

6002 c

5. Navigate to C:\Windows.

6. Right click the Windows directory and select Paste.

6002 d

7. Select the Copy and Replace option in response to the prompt to overwrite the existing file.

8. Right click the winpoint.ini file and select Properties.

6002 e

The winpoint.ini Properties dialog box is displayed.

6002 f

9. Select the Security tab and click Edit.

6002 g

The Permissions for winpoint.ini dialog box is displayed.

6002 h

11. Click Users and select the Full control check box in the Allow column.

12. Click OK and Yes to accept changes.

13. Click OK to close the winpoint.ini Properties dialog box.