6006 Deleting the PointCentral folder cache

The PointCentral folder cache is a temporary storage location to house PointCentral files and templates before saved changes are pushed to the PointCentral server from the client.

Deleting the PointCentral folder cache is a simple solution that might resolve minor issues with the Point client, such as:

(Ex. Access Denied: C:\Users\<username>\Calyx Software\Point\All users\<username>\PDSFolders...)

  • Dropdown lists or company defaults are incomplete for one user on one computer.
  • An Invalid argument error occurs when performing an advanced search on all data folders.
  • When accessing a Point file that contains the PDSFolders path an Access denied error occurs.
  • Borrower index not found error occurs when copying or moving a file.


To delete to PointCentral folder cache:

1. Close Point.

2. Right click the Windows Start icon and select Run.


3. Type %userprofile% in the search field and press <Enter> or click OK.

4. Select the View Tab, select the Hidden Items check box, and double-click the AppData folder.

5. Go to Roaming > Calyx Software > Point > All users and double-click the folder with your Point username.

6. Right-click PDSFolders and select Delete.

7. Open Point.