6010 Deleting all files in the applications Work directory

The Work folder is a temporary storage directory for the Point application.

The Work folder is not recommended for use to store data you plan to access at a later time. Create a directory on your C:\ drive to store imported and downloaded files.

To delete all files in the Work folder:

1. Close Point.
2. Navigate to your Local Disc (C:).
3. Select View and Show hidden files and folders.
4. Click OK.

6010 a

5. Double-click the Users folder.
6. Double-click the <user profile> folder.
7. Double-click the AppData folder.
8. Go to Roaming > Calyx Software > Point.
9. Double-click the Work folder.

6010 b

10. Delete all files that are in the Work folder.
11. Open Point and try again.