6011 Renaming the fannie.ini file

Removing the fannie.ini file

Note: Removing the fannie.ini file will delete the saved user id and password for Fannie Mae. Be sure that you know your login before you proceed.

1. Close Point.

2. Click the Windows Start icon, enter %userprofile% in the search field and press <enter>.

3. Click the View tab on the Folder Options dialog box.

4. Select the Hidden items check box.


5. From the User Profile directory double-click the AppData folder.

6. Navigate to Roaming > Calyx Software > Point > All Users.

Note: If you enter a username and password when you open Point, you will see a folder that matches your Point username. Open that folderto rename the Fannie.ini file.

7. Right-click the fannie.ini file.

8. Select Rename and enter fannieold.

9. Click OK to confirm.