6300 There is an error with the setting of Fee Worksheet to Fees - AMT


When enter any fee on the Fees Worksheet, an error occurs: There is an error with the setting of Fee Worksheet to Fees - AMT.


There are missing components from Point that cause the Fees Worksheet to display the error when you enter a fee.


Check the Application= parameter in the winpoint.ini file

1. Close Point.
2. Go to My Computer.
3. Double-click Local Disk C:\.
4. Double-click the Windows folder.
5. Double-click the winpoint.ini file.
6. From the winpoint.ini - Notepad file, scroll to the [Directories]section.
7. Look for the Application= parameter.
8. If the parameter is not there, please add Application=C:\Winpoint, under the [Directories] section.
9. Save the file
10. Open Point and try to enter fees on the Fees Worksheet.

Reinstall Point

11. Contact your MyCalyx administrator
12. The administrator will log into https://www.mycalyx.com, select your e-mail address and click the Resend Email button.
13. You will receive an e-mail with a link to Install Point.
14. Click the Install Point link and follow the installation prompts.