6305 Compatibility error when creating a new borrower file with a master template


The following compatibility error can occur when you create a new loan in Point using a master template that was created in an earlier Point version.

6305 a


There is a compatibility issue between the template and Point.


  • Reinstall Point
  • Clear the error without reinstalling Point

To reinstall Point, ask your MyCalyx Administrator to redeploy Point to your account.

To clear the error without reinstalling Point:

1. Click OK to close the error dialog box.

The following message is displayed:

6305 b
2. Click OK again.
3. Close the Point application.
4. Open Point.
5. Select Templates from the Navigation menu.

6305 c
6. Select either Borrower Master or Prospect Master, depending on where the template that caused the error is located.

6305 d
7. Double-click the master template you used when the error occurred.
8. With the master template open, select File > Save from the menu bar.

6305 e
9. Close Point.
10. Open Point and create the new loan with the master template.