6307 Error 1606: Could not access network location


When you install Point, an error occurs: "Error 1606. Could not locate network location...."



  • An installation setting is assigned in MyCalyx but contains an invalid template or data folder path
  • Invalid network location exist in the Windows registry



Correct the installation setting

You will need the MyCalyx.com administration login to correct the installation settings. You may need to contact the administrator to perform the steps below.

  1. Log into https://www.mycalyx.com.
  2. From the landing page, click Manage Users.
  3. From the manage users screen, take note of the installation group the user is assigned to and then click Installation Settings.
  4. Select the installation group to which the user is assigned.
  5. Verify that path for templates and data folders are accessible from the user's computer. If the user is unable to access any path that is in the installation settings, either remove the path from the list or add a data folder or templates path that is accessible from the workstation.

    Also remove any invalid characters, such as quotes(") or commas (,) and correct any improper path settings, such as entering a forward slash (/) rather than a backslash (\) in the folder path.
  6. When the path settings have been corrected, click Save.
  7. Click Manage Users.
  8. Highlight the user's account that is experiencing the error.
  9. At the bottom, click Resend Email.
  10. The user will receive another MyCalyx e-mail with the new application settings to install Point.

Remove Point with the Microsoft Installer Cleanup utility

  1. Click here to download the Microsoft Installer Cleanup utility.
  2. From the Microsoft Fix It page, click Run Now.
  3. From the Microsoft Fix It license agreement window, click Accept.
  4. From the Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter window, select Detect Problems and let me select the files to apply.
  5. From the Installing/Uninstalling window, select Uninstalling.
  6. From the Select the program you want to uninstall window, look for Point.

    (If you see more than one Point version listed, you will need to run the Microsoft Uninstall tool more than once until they are all removed)
  7. From the Point - Uninstall and cleanup? window, select Yes, try uninstall.
  8. From the Diagnose is complete window, ensure that all checkboxes are selected and then click Next.
  9. From the Troubleshooting is complete window, the Fix Status column should display as Fixed with a green check; indicating the problem was fixed. Click Next.
  10. From the Did this fix your problem? window, select any option and then click Next.
  11. From the Thank You! window, clickClose.
  12. Open your MyCalyx Installation Email and click the "Install Point" link to reinstall Point.