6327 PointCentral server is not properly licensed and unable to log you in


When you attempt to log into Point, the following error occurs: "PointCentral server is not properly licenses and unable to log you in. Please contact your System Administrator"

6327 a

The above error that occurs when logging into Point is also followed by an error that appears when you log into the PointCentral Administration website:

"The MyCalyx Digital Key has expired and users cannot login Point"


Please Note: The PointCentral Administrator will click Home after logging into the PointCentral Administration Site and read the following message in the red writing. This message will determine if the administrator needs to copy the digital key to the administration site or if there are too many users without enough licenses.



The MyCalyx Digital Key has expired or you have more users than licenses. Please contact your PointCentral Administrator to log into the PointCentral Administration site and update the MyCalyx Digital Key.



Contact your PointCentral Administrator to log into the PointCentral Administration website to resolve the error.

1. Log into your PointCentral Administration website (Ex. https://mydomainname.com/admin)
2. Click the MyCalyx Digital Key button.
6327 b
3. Copy the digital key and paste it into the PointCentral Administration site.

6327 c

4. Once you have copied the key from MyCalyx.com, log into your PointCentral Administration site. (Ex. https://mydomainserver.com/admin)

5. Navigate to Configuration > Parameters and then paste the digital key into the MyCalyx Digital Key section.
6. Click Save.

6327 d

Please note that the MyCalyx Digital Key from your PointCentral Administration site will automatically update with MyCalyx.com. However, if your server is not able to communicate with MyCalyx.com due to internet restrictions, then you will need to manually update the digital key on a monthly basis.