6338 Unable to grant you access to any of the data folder you selected. Please try again


When a user opens Point and logs in, the following error appears:

"Unable to grant you access to the data folder you selected."

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This error is a login error. The User ID and password combination does not exist for the user in Point Administrator or the login is incorrect.



In Point Administrator, correct or create the user account that is being used to log into Point.

1. Close Point.
2. From the desktop, click Start > Programs > Calyx Software > Point Administrator.

6338 b
3. In the Users section, click Setup Users.
4. Enter the supervisor password. If you do not know the supervisor password, contact the person who setup the users for Point.
5. In the User Manager window, select the data folder that the user cannot access.
6. Look for the account with which the user is trying to log in to Point.
  • If the account does not exist, click New User to create a new user account.
  • If the account does exist, double-click it to open it. Update the User ID and Password to match the same User ID and password that you currently use to log in to Point. (The User ID and Password are case sensitive)

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