6358 Point Opens Briefly Before Closing


When you launch the program, your Point will show for only a second or two...and then close! Additionally, most customers are not able to run programs such as their registry editor (Start > Run > enter Regedit, and then click OK).



In most of the cases, the culprit seems to be a malicious software application called Trojan.Daonol, running on the PC which prevents Point from running.



Cleaning viruses/spyware from your PC is beyond the scope of Calyx technical support, but there are a host of applications which can get this taken care of.

Always make sure your Anti Virus software is up to date or you can download free trial versions of various cleaners to help with this (ex. www.malwarebytes.org has a free trial version that seems to work well when cleaning all infections found after a full system scan).