6379 Invalid Template Path


There is an Installation Group assigned in mycalyx.com, which causes an error to occur when you are installing Point; "Invalid Template Path."



An Installation Group is assigned in mycalyx.com causing the error to occur when the administrator account does not have the mapped drive letter for the network data folder or pnttempl directory.

There is an invalid folder path in the Installation Settings on mycalyx.com or the user does not have access to the network folder path.



You can update the installation setting on mycalyx.com to reflect the UNC network path (servernamepntdata) rather than a network drive letter (P:pntdata or T:Pnttempl).

Worst case, you can remove the installation setting from mycalyx.com and install Point. You may need to connect to your data folders using Point Administrator if you cannot search for your files.

Update the network folder path in mycalyx.com.

These steps only apply if there is an Installation Setting assigned to the user in mycalyx.com.

You may need to contact your network administrator to enter the correct network path.

    1. Log into mycalyx.com (You may need to contact your network administrator).
    2. Click Manage Users.
    3. Click the e-mail address for the user that is having the error and take note of the installation group that is assigned under the Installation Group column.
    4. Click the Installation Settings button.
    5. From the dropdown list, select the installation setting to which the user is assigned.
    6. There is likely a mapped drive letter for the data folder and pnttempl directories, such as, P:\pntdata or T:\pnttempl. You should remove the drive letter and replace it with the full network path (i.e. \\servername\pntdata or \\servername\foldername\pntdata).
    7. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.


    Remove Installation Settings from mycalyx.com

    If the Installation Group is blank, please contact your network administrator to verify that you have full access to the network data folders and pnttempl directory.

      1. Log into mycalyx.com.
      2. Click Manage Users.
      3. Locate the email address for the user that is having the error and check if there is an installation setting selected from the Installation Group.
      4. If there is an installation group selected, double-click the email address. This will enable the fields to let you edit them.
      5. Remove the Installation Group by clicking in the field and selecting the first blank entry from the dropdown list.
      6. Click the Save icon on the far right.
      7. You can install Point once the Installation Group column is blank and the setting is saved.