6383 Word could not fire the event


When you open or print a custom form, the following error occurs: "Word could not fire the event"


  • Insufficient disk space or low memory
  • There are locked temp files


Restart the computer and try Point again

1. Delete temporary files

2. Close all programs that are open.
3. Right-click the Windows Start icon and select Search.
4. In the Search field, enter winpoint.ini, and press <Enter>.
6383 a
5. From the winpoint.ini ;notepad window, scroll to [Directories].
6. Write down the path for Templates=.
6383 b
7. Close the winpoint.ini file.
8. Click the Windows Start icon from the bottom task bar.
9. Right-click the Windows Start icon and select Search.
10. In the Search field, enter the path you wrote down from step 4, and then press <Enter>.
The Pnttempl directory should open.
11. Double-click the CustomDoc folder.
12. Delete just the temporary files.

Temporary files can be distinguished by the file name having a tilda symbol (~). If there aren't any temporary files, please skip this step.

Note: This folder contains all custom form documents. Be careful not to delete any of the custom form documents but to only delete the temporary files, which have a tilda (~) in the filename.

6383 c

When all the temporary files have been deleted, close the Customdoc window.Right-click the Windows Start icon from the bottom task bar and select Search.In the Search field, enter %temp%, and press <Enter>.From the Windows Temp directory, highlight all files by clicking Edit > Select All.

Windows Temp directory is a storage holder for temporary files. It is safe to delete all temporary files without losing any file data. Some files in the temp folder cannot be deleted because they are currently in use by the computer. Please skip over any file that you cannot delete and continue deleting the rest of the Windows temporary files by highlighting them and pressing <Delete>. When all temporary files have been deleted, try Point again.