6413 Attachment containing data file could not be created


When you e-mail a Point data file, an error appears: "Attachment containing data file could not be created."



There are locked files on the computer that are not allowing Point to e-mail a Point data file.



Restart the computer

  1. Close Point.
  2. From the desktop, select Start > Shutdown.
  3. From the Shutdown Windows window, select Restart and click OK.


Check TrendMicro Internet Security settings. Applicable only if TrendMicro Internet Security is installed.

    1. Open TrendMicro Internet Security.
    2. Click Virus & Spyware Controls.
    3. From the Spyware & Controls screen, click Settings.
    4. From the Settings screen, uncheck Infected files and suspected spyware.
    5. Click OK or close the antivirus window to save your changes.
    6. Close and open Point to e-mail the file.