6423 PCF file could not be extracted


The PCF file could not be extracted error occurs when opening a Point attachment (Point .pcf file) that was transmitted from WebCaster. 


The .pcf file came from WebCaster but the encryption password is incorrect.


Update the encryption password if the attachment is from WebCaster

WebCaster is a marketing website that a borrower can use to complete a loan application. When they click the Submit button, their application is emailed to you. This method can cause the error which will require you to update the encryption password for your WebCaster files.

  1. Log in to your WebCaster site (http://webcaster.calyxsoftware.com)
  2. Navigate to Administration > Passwords > Loan Application and enter the password you want used to open all attachments that are sent to you from your WebCaster site.
  3. Click the Update button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Resend the attachment to yourself for the new password to take effect. 
  5. From your WebCaster administration site, navigate to Visitor Tracking > Loan Application Report.
  6. Locate the application you need to resend from the list of available applications and click the Resend link.
  7. Upon receipt, use the new password to open the attachment.
  8. If error still persists, reinstall point.