6427 Could not lock file


When you open the Cardex Database, an error appears: "Could not lock file"


When the Cardex Database is opened, a lock file called pointcdx.ldb is created at PNTTEMPL\database. It has been marked read-only.


Delete the pointcdx.ldb file from the PNTTEMPL\database folder.

    1. Close Point.
    2. From the desktop, select Start > Run.
    3. In the Open field, enter WINPOINT.INI and click OK.
    4. In the winpoint.ini window, look for the [Directories] entry, then find the Templates= parameter.
    5. Write down the path after Templates=, such as G:\PNTTEMPL or \\servername\PNTTEMPL.
    6. Close the WINPOINT.INI file.
    7. From the desktop, select Start > Run.
    8. Type the path you wrote down in step 5 and click OK. The folder opens.
    9. Open the database folder, then delete the pointcdx.ldb file (the Microsoft Access lock file).
    10. Open Point and access the Cardex Database.

Note: Do not delete pointcdx.mdb (the Cardex file). Delete only pointcdx.ldb (the lock file).

If you are not able to delete this file, restart the computer and try again. If restarting does not work, contact your IT Administrator to delete the file or give you full access to the database folder.